Attorney Beltran Defeats Motion to Dismiss Headmistress from $1.2 Million Lawsuit

Attorney Michael Beltran has defeated a Motion to Dismiss filed by Jessica LeBoff, the owner of several private schools in Manatee County.  Ms. LeBoff argued that she “is not listed as a personal guarantor” in the 10-year, $1.2 million lease.  In his response, Attorney Beltran cited several Florida appellate opinions as well as Williston on Contracts to show that Ms. LeBoff was nonetheless obligated on the contract.  Manatee Circuit Court Judge John Lakin ruled in favor of Attorney Beltran’s client, denying the motion after a hearing earlier this month.  Ms. LeBoff will therefore face the prospect of personal liability on the lease when the matter proceeds to trial.

Attorney Beltran’s earlier motion practice has already largely gutted Ms. LeBoff’s counterclaims.