Attorney Beltran has obtained very favorable sentences for clients.  Although the best results are possible when a quality attorney is retained at the onset of a matter, Attorney Beltran has also assisted in matters that were previously handled by other lawyers. Sometimes, the most critical phase of a prosecution is sentencing where there is an opportunity to mitigate a long sentence or even obtain a non-incercerative (fine or probation) sentence for the client, provided they maintain good behavior going forward. In cases that go to sentencing, Attorney Beltran generally achieves a sentence of approximately half of the “guidelines” sentence initially calculated by the prosecutor. This saves taxpayer dollars and allows clients and families to move on with their lives sooner.

Representative results:

Guidelines Range: 57-71 months.

Attorney Beltran’s Client’s sentence: 33 months.

Guidelines Sentence before partial dismissal of charges: 87-108 months.

Guidelines Sentence after dismissal of charges: 70-87 months.

Attorney Beltran’s Client’s sentence: 41 months.

Original Sentence while client represented by another private lawyer: Three years’ prison, followed by one year community control (house arrest), followed by two years’ probation.

Attorney Beltran’s result on behalf of his client: Community control (house arrest) waived, three years probation.

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