Michael Beltran
Beltran Litigation, P.A.

Please note that office hours are available by appointment only.  Prospective clients are strongly encouraged to submit a written request through this website, which clearly and succinctly states the general facts of their matter and the relief they seek.  Inquiries will be held in confidence.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that submission of an inquiry or sending correspondence does not create an attorney-client relationship with Beltran Litigation, P.A. or Attorney Beltran. By contacting Beltran Litigation, you agree that Attorney Beltran does not represent you until (1) you pay your retainer and (2) you receive written confirmation of the attorney-client relationship. Although all efforts are made to keep inquiries confidential, you should not divulge privileged or confidential information during your initial contact if you suspect that Attorney Beltran may already be working with a party involved in your controversy. Attorney Beltran will respond to your inquiry at his earliest opportunity. Unless and until you are informed otherwise in writing, you should assume that Attorney Beltran will NOT handle your matter and govern yourself accordingly. Unfortunately, many, if not most, prospective clients fail to meet Attorney Beltran’s strict intake requirements, which require that a client communicate politely and professionally, articulate lawful objectives, pay the deposit within a reasonable time, and provide needed documents and information without excuse or undue delay. Although Attorney Beltran will work with a prospective client with a difficult situation, he will refuse representation in civil matters if he cannot reasonably verify a prospective client’s version of events. Acceptance of a matter by Attorney Beltran will ALWAYS involve a written fee agreement signed by both the client and Attorney Beltran as well as payment of a deposit. Prospective clients are advised that nearly every cause of action carries a statute of limitations, a time beyond which claims are forever barred without exception. Attorney Beltran and Beltran Litigation, P.A. assume no responsibility for such a consequence unless and until a matter is accepted as described above.

Attorney Beltran was an Eagle Scout and dedicates hundreds of hours every year to pro bono litigation projects and other charitable or community causes. These commitments have totaled thousands of hours during his professional career and vastly exceed any legal or moral obligation to help others. Although Attorney Beltran continues such efforts, he is unfortunately not equipped to intake such requests through “cold calls,” email, or website solicitations.

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