Complex Business Litigation

Clients approach Attorney Beltran with a wide variety of business litigation matters.  Attorney Beltran can handle sophisticated business cases from the initial investigation stage, motion practice, discovery, trial, and any appeal.  Attorney Beltran understands that a legal victory may be of little value to a client if costs are not managed.  Attorney Beltran works with each client to ensure that valid claims and defenses are asserted without incurring fees or costs disproportionate to the amount of the controversy.

Every effort is made to resolve a case amicably through pre-suit discussion and negotiation.  When that fails, Attorney Beltran has successfully resolved matters after his effective motion practice convinced adversaries that their positions lacked merit.  Attorney Beltran’s aptitude for litigation discourages his opponents and benefits his clients.  Over the years, Attorney Beltran has handled securities, business, employment, criminal, constitutional, privacy, antitrust, defamation, whistleblower, intellectual property, class action, insurance coverage, trade secrets, banking, real estate, and professional, product, and premises liability litigation.

Attorney Beltran has assisted several clients with parallel civil, regulatory and / or criminal actions and was involved in the following matters:

The September 11th Litigation

Insurance Giant AIG’s disputes with former CEO Greenberg and related entities

Citibank’s management of the subprime mortgage meltdown

Terra Firma’s disputed transaction with Citibank

Becton Dickinson’s Antitrust Litigation

The Trinity Industries Railguard Litigation

Lloyd’s of London’s arbitration of reinsurance treaties involving asbestos and environmental liability

The Wellcare “80/20 Statute” Litigation

The SeaWorld Death Tapes Litigation

The Engle Progeny Tobacco Litigation

The KPMG Tax Shelter Litigation