Attorney Beltran has obtained very favorable sentences for clients.  Although the best results are possible when a quality attorney is retained at the onset of a matter, Attorney Beltran has also assisted in matters that were previously handled by other lawyers.

Representative results:

Client indicated for conspiracy to steal over $500,000 of government funds by filing fraudulent income tax returns.

Guidelines Range: 57-71 months.

Attorney Beltran’s Client’s sentence: 33 months.

Client indicted for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine, conspiracy, and felon in possession of ammunition.  Attorney Beltran obtained dismissal of ammunition charge.  

Guidelines Sentence before dismissal of ammunition charge: 87-108 months.

Guidelines Sentence after dismissal of ammunition charge: 70-87 months.

Attorney Beltran’s Client’s sentence: 41 months.

Client imprisoned for aiding the armed burglary of a dwelling of a building and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment while being represented by another lawyer.  After being assaulted by a gang in prison, he asked Attorney Beltran to handle a sentencing modification.

Original Sentence: Three years’ prison, followed by one year community control (house arrest), followed by two years’ probation.

Attorney Beltran’s result on behalf of his client: Community control (house arrest) waived, three years probation.