Police and Prison Brutality

Attorney Beltran was appointed by a federal district judge to represent a plaintiff alleging claims arising out of a “fight club” at the Orange County jail.

Attorney Beltran represented the victim of a vicious gang rape at a North Florida prison whose injuries resulted in numerous surgeries.  After Attorney Beltran uncovered widespread abuses, neglect, and cover-ups at the prison, which were covered in a front-page, above-the-fold article in a Sunday edition of the Miami Herald, the Florida Department of Corrections settled his claim for $700,000.

Attorney Beltran also represents plaintiffs asserting claims against various police agencies, sheriffs offices, and state prisons throughout Florida.

Please note that Attorney Beltran is not in a position to accept civil rights matters on a pure contingency basis unless a prospective client has suffered severe physical harm requiring hospitalization.  Please note that due to the large volume of inquiries, Attorney Beltran cannot respond to every communication.  Because Attorney Beltran is particularly selective in accepting these matters, you should assume that Attorney Beltran will not handle your matter unless you are explicitly told otherwise in writing and you receive a fully executed fee agreement from Attorney Beltran. Attorney Beltran no longer accepts matters involving Florida State Agencies.