“I’ll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere.”*

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Attorney Michael Beltran is an experienced and relentless litigator who has been working on litigation matters in various capacities for over a decade. A former undefeated light heavyweight wrestler from Brooklyn, Attorney Beltran’s life experience renders him fearless and impervious to pressure or intimidation. Attorney Beltran’s legal experience includes employment with several of the world’s largest litigation firms, well-regarded trial lawyers, and a Tampa federal judge. Attorney Beltran applies the lessons of Alexander the Great, Sun-Tzu, Atilla, Ghengis Khan, Machiavelli, Cortez, Napoleon, Eisenhower, Kissinger, and Colin Powell to litigation. Since starting his first legal job in 2002 at the age of 18, Attorney Beltran has developed the skills and experience necessary to provide top-notch advocacy to individuals and businesses. Due to his broad and deep experience, he is able to handle a client’s litigation matters confidently and without hesitation while moving seamlessly through different fora (state, federal, trial, appeal, bankruptcy, criminal, administrative, ADR, etc.) as appropriate to optimize a client’s result. Attorney Beltran started his own practice in 2013 in order to pursue aggressive, unconventional, and effective litigation strategies while offering personalized service at competitive rates.

*Subject to license requirements and ethical rules. Attorney Beltran is admitted to practice in New York, Florida, and the federal courts covering the New York City area and the Florida peninsula. Attorney Beltran has appeared in various other jurisdictions on a pro hac vice (for a particular case) basis upon client request. Attorney Beltran does not represent you unless and until you pay your deposit and receive a fully executed fee agreement.