Qui Tam / Whistleblower

Qui tam, short for “qui tam pro domino rege quam pro sic ipso in hoc parte sequitur,” is Latin for “he who sues on behalf of the king as well as for himself.”  Various statutes provide for the payment of rewards to individuals who report wrongful conduct to the appropriate authorities.  With the assistance of a qualified whistleblower attorney such as Michael Beltran, a regular individual can become a millionaire.*  Persons who report wrongful conduct, known as relators, are eligible for substantial bounties for reporting violations such as:

-Medicaid/Medicare fraud

-Construction contractor fraud

-Defense contractor fraud

-Accounting fraud

-Tax fraud

Attorney Beltran gained valuable experience with qui tam litigation while working for a federal judge well known for his fair and efficient processing of such claims.  Attorney Beltran later used that experience to help prepare a multibillion dollar qui tam action against a highway railguard manufacturer that knowingly used shoddy materials and workmanship in an attempt to save money in the manufacture of railguard accessories.  Attorney Beltran is currently working on several other qui tam matters and welcomes inquiries from the public about possible whistleblower actions.




*As with any other legal matter, Attorney Beltran cannot and will not guarantee a result.  Because a presiding judge must approve each bounty, even a successful plaintiff may recover less than expected.