Computer Security

Attorney Beltran has been involved in several matters involving computer security.

Attorney Beltran was the principal author of several briefs filed on behalf of a major Wall St. bank in the litigation arising from the theft of high-frequency trading software by a rogue employee.  The head of litigation for that bank stated in writing that Attorney Beltran’s work was the “best [he] ha[d] seen to date” from his former firm, a major litigation powerhouse.

Attorney Beltran has also counseled several companies whose websites or servers were defaced, hijacked, deleted or blocked by rogue employees or business partners.  As a federal litigator, Attorney Beltran is familiar with several laws that allow companies to sue those who damage their computer systems.

Attorney Beltran also handled Lee v. PMSI as a law clerk to a federal judge.  In that case, an employer facing a run-of-the-mill suit by a former employee turned around and sued the employee under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, alleging that the employee was liable to the employer for surfing the web during working time.

In one of Attorney Beltran’s cases involving a medical device manufacturer, Attorney Beltran’s client was able to settle a nine figure claim for six figures after careful review of the relevant documents showed that the plaintiff had doctored important emails.

Attorney Beltran understands the importance of securing, storing, retrieving, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information.  Attorney Beltran has worked on several cases involving over one billion pages of documents and has personally reviewed or produced over one million documents during his career.