Criminal Defense

Attorney Beltran’s conservative worldview regarding limited Government dictates that the government should only punish obviously guilty defendants, prioritize serious crimes, scrupulously follow the Constitution, and ensure that sentences are sufficient, but not greater than necessary, to achieve the penological purposes of deterrence and rehabilitation. When the Government prosecutes the innocent, punishes minor crimes, violates the Constitution, or imposes excessive sentences, it wastes taxpayer dollars that should be used for the military, education, or debt and tax reduction instead.

Attorney Beltran ensures that innocent clients are vindicated and clients who could have made better choices are nonetheless treated fairly. Attorney Beltran has a deep and varied experience defending criminal prosecutions.

Attorney Beltran has worked on some of the largest white collar criminal prosecutions, including the WebMd and Wellcare prosecutions, as well as numerous investigations and proceedings arising out of the subprime mortgage meltdown.

In the violent crime context, Attorney Beltran’s negotiating skill resulted in an offer by the government to drop a federal firearms charge against a client who was accused in the robbery of a Circle K store in Lakeland.

In many cases, state prosecutors decline to prosecute Attorney Beltran’s clients after Attorney Beltran meets with the police or prosecutors on behalf of his clients. In one case, the prosecutor stopped a deposition and ran upstairs to her boss to approve a dismissal in the middle of a deposition when she realized that Attorney Beltran was not only about to vindicate his client, but also sue the Government agents for a malicious prosecution!

In a case where Attorney Beltran’s client was accused of serious driving violations, Attorney Beltran reported to the accident scene before the police arrived and counseled his client to avoid making any damaging admissions. Attorney Beltran later obtained a dismissal of the charges due to lack of evidence.

Attorney Beltran also pursues postconviction remedies when other defense attorneys have failed to secure favorable results. He is currently representing several inmates in Florida who are seeking reductions in their sentences and he was a member of the team that secured a rare judgment of acquittal on behalf of a corporate executive convicted of securities fraud. Attorney Beltran’s research on a complex and novel issue of conspiracy law helped to prove that the statute of limitations had expired on his client’s conduct one week before the indictment was returned.

Attorney Beltran has been appointed by the judges of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida to the CJA Panel, pursuant to which he represents defendants in criminal prosecutions in federal court.

Attorney Beltran accepts select cases from suspects, defendants, prisoners, citizens, businesses, and even former government employees who have been mistreated by government agencies and personnel.

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