Attorney Beltran is experienced in RICO matters.  RICO, which stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, provides for civil remedies for persons injured by those who commit a wide range of federal crimes.  Many states, including Florida, also have state RICO acts.  RICO is a powerful tool for civil litigation because a prevailing plaintiff may collect treble (triple) damages plus attorney fees.  Attorney Beltran has handled many RICO claims, including:

  • Litigating against individual who defrauded purchaser of antique automobile.
  • Litigating against former employees of television auction company who accepted kickbacks, stole merchandise, misrepresented artwork, and stole IP and trade secrets.
  • Drafting civil RICO complaints against trucking companies stealing client’s property from unattended loading docks.
  • Defending various New York financial institutions in law suits arising out of the “subprime mortgage meltdown.”
  • Litigation against car dealership that committed fraud and other illegal acts in connection with the sale of an automobile.

Because the powerful RICO statute has a number of intricate requirements, persons seeking representation in a RICO matter should seek an attorney with experience in such cases.