Attorney Beltran Wins Appeal

Attorney Beltran recently won an appeal in the Second District Court of Appeal.  Attorney Beltran’s client, a seller of, among other things, jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals, sued a former employee for theft of numerous items with a six-figure cumulative value over a several-year period.  The trial court noted that “Defendant was in a bankruptcy when she began work with [Attorney Beltran’s client], where her gross annual earnings before withholdings ranged from $22,000 to $35,000.  Nonetheless, the Verified Complaint states that she has acquired two different properties and that she purchased and then completely paid off a mortgage on a six-figure residence from 2010 through 2012.”  Attorney Beltran issued subpoenas for numerous financial accounts used by the defendant in order to determine the source of the funds for her acquisitions.  Although the defendant objected to the subpoenas, the trial court overruled all of the Defendant’s objections to the subpoenas.  The defendant took an interlocutory appeal, but based upon Attorney Beltran’s brief, the Second District Court of Appeal denied certiorari.  By affirming the trial court’s decision in favor of Attorney Beltran’s client, the appeals court will allow Attorney Beltran’s client to prove its case through a “net worth” audit.