Prosecutor’s Animus Against Trump


The mainstream media previously claimed that the administration’s culpability was somehow self-evident because investigators raided attorney Michael Cohen’s office instead of issuing dignified subpoenas. Such an absurd assertion reduces to the argument that the quality of a case can be judged based on the ruthlessness of the prosecutor.

Investigators previously claimed that information showing their improper methods could not be released without compromising “sources and methods.” Apparently their “sources” were Democratic Party hacks and their “methods” were leaks and unauthorized disclosure. In any event, the “investigators” responsible recently “resigned” to pursue other “opportunities.” Mainstream reporters fail to identify which private sector employer provided an “opportunity” to use those dubious talents.

Yesterday, a judge in the Manafort case concluded that the Special Prosecutor’s aim is to hurt Trump. Although prosecutors are pursuing a myriad of pretextual and technical violations of otherwise upstanding Republicans, they fail to pursue any Russians with similar vigor. Although President Trump is the most investigated man in history, his detractors fail to show any prosecutable substantive misconduct.

Unable to prove a case against the administration, and unwilling to seriously pursue extradition or rendition of the Russians responsible for the substantive misconduct, the prosecutors are now attempting to “flip” President Trump’s advisers. Although this is unfortunately standard operating procedure for desperate prosecutors, it will prove as ineffective as it is unethical.