Attorney Beltran Endorses Joe Wicker for State House District 59

Attorney Michael Beltran was proud to support his good friend Joe Wicker in his Campaign Kickoff for State Representative from District 59 (Greater Brandon). The seat is being vacated by Republican Ross Spano, who is running for Attorney General of Florida, and who, along with many other prominent Republicans, has endorsed Joe Wicker. With a successful business, a wonderful family, and a pattern of public service, Joe Wicker’s record speaks for itself. Joe Wicker wants to be a State Representative because he cares about America and he cares about Florida. Joe Wicker combines moral clarity and confidence with a humble demeanor, measured rhetoric and the good personal behavior of a military officer. Joe Wicker fought in Iraq and has the guts, determination, confidence, and ability to fight for District 59. Joe Wicker is the best candidate with the best values for District 59. Support Joe Wicker and keep District 59 Red in November. More information about Joe Wicker is available at .