More Hot Air From Obama On Iran

When the President of the United States talks tough about Iran, he should be talking to Iran and not his own Congress.  Despite decades of “talks” Obama inexplicably asserts that more diplomacy is needed and unaccountably threatens to use his constitutional veto power against Congress instead of his constitutional war power against a terrorist state.  While Obama waters down sanctions, the uranium centrifuges in Natanz turn faster and faster.  Obama correctly asserts that JFK and Reagan negotiated with the Soviet Union, but they acted with courage and firmness because they built and then negotiated from a position of strength.  Their heroic stands in Cuba and Berlin led respectively to the overthrow of the otherwise intransigent Premier Khrushchev and the demolition of the Berlin Wall.  By contrast, Obama’s diplomatic solution is decades too late and Obama’s cancellation of the European Interceptor Site leaves the United States and its NATO allies more vulnerable than ever to a nuclear-armed adversary.